LOUFRAN Minerals and Development Corporations comprised of committed, talented, and thoughtful people who aspire to improve our corporations’ performance as well as the communities within which we work and live. Our most important assets are our people, capital and reputation. We are committed to a culture of integrity, entrepreneurship, and achievement.


President/CEO                   : Mr. Lucio Flores Ceniza

Vice President/COO          : Mr. Homer E. Najarro

 Corporate Secretary         : Atty. Randy T. Ceniza

Corporate Treasurer         : Donald Elorde G. Elorde

Internal Auditor                  : Ms. Felicitas Matugas Gonzales

Board of Directors              : Mr. Lucio F. Ceniza

: Mr. Homer E. Najarro

: Atty. Randy T. Ceniza

: Mr. Donald  G. Elorde

: Ms. Felicitas M. Gonzales